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Bruce & the Caps.

I keep thinking about Bruce. It must really suck to lose the job he had. We talk about the state of the economy and the difficulty it is for people to keep jobs, and if lost, to find new ones, this must be tough for Bruce. But I don’t mean it in a financial sense. I’m thinking it will hurt most emotionally. From the time I spent with the team during the filming of HBO 24/7, it wasn’t hard to tell that the man lived and breathed Caps hockey. Dedication was never an issue and although some may question his relationships with players - the fine line between coach & friend - personally, I think he balanced it well. I have to give credit where credit is due, plain and simple, it’s really hard to teach accountability when the definition of the word is not understood.

I feel for Bruce. Change is hard. Changing to a moment of nothing, well, it’s very difficult. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. 

I’m interested to see Dale Hunter’s approach. From a production standpoint, God it would be amazing to be a fly-on-the-wall at this point in time. I would kill to see Dale’s plan of action. I’m always fascinated how a person goes from one point in their life to another. What must be going on in his mind right now. What will be his first words. Will he hold individual meetings with players. What will be his overall message? Will he talk about accountability? If so, how will he explain it?

Yes, he was a Coach & GM for a strong OHL team, but the NHL is an entirely different animal; especially when you walk into a room with players like Ovi, Semin, Green, Backstrom, etc. I’m curious to see if his success with the Knights will melt into the Caps structure. Only time will tell.