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NHL Thoughts : Easter Weekend

First things first.. a story. I’m home for Easter Weekend hanging with the fam. Last night we went to an Italian restaurant. Someone taps on my dad’s shoulder. It’s Pavel Datsyuk. He says hi to the family & then this conversation happens:

My Mom - Pasha, you’re looking thing. Hope you got some pasta!

Pavel - I’m on a diet.

My Dad - Pasha, hope you got a nice wine to accompany your meal.

Pavel - It’s too expensive.

I wish he could be this funny in English (he’s getting much better but just isn’t the same). He’s a great hockey personality. 

Ok, now the thoughts:

  • Watching Game 5 Caps/Rangers — Mike Green blocks a shot with the side of his head. Leaves & then comes back. If that’s not tough, I don’t know what is. Hopefully he’s OK post-game.
  • I like his use of twitter. If I could describe it to someone, I would say “chill tweets”. That’s just the vibe I get.
  • Toews, Toews, Toews. I know I talk about him a lot, but let’s be real for a second, the reason the Hawks are making a serious comeback in their series with Vancouver, is because of his talent & his leadership.
  • There will be a Game 7. 
  • I’m assuming MAF is feeling pretty crappy today. Could’ve closed it up today & it didn’t happen. I believe in situations like these (as I’ve seen MAF do it before), he will bounce back. He is so good at ending a game & leaving it in the past. I still think the Penguins will win this series. Next game.
  • Back to Caps/Rangers real quick .. just because it’s real time. I can’t help but be extremely happy for Bruce Boudreau. Maybe I’m biased, but he is such a hard-working man that lives & breathes Capitals. He believes more than anyone else (Ted Leonsis is very close behind, as is George McPhee), but Bruce deserves so much credit for turning this team around & changing the system. Props BB. Big props.
  • Rangers — I feel the most for Henrik Lundqvist. In September, I interview Henrik at the NHL Store in NYC. I was told not to talk too much about the previous season because of how heartbreaking it was.. so I phrased the question a little differently. “How do you build off of last season into the new one & what changes need to be made?” Henrik wasn’t offended and instead answered with a heartfelt response. He was still hurting from the shootout loss to Philly, and even as optimistic he was for the upcoming season, the memory was ingrained in his brain. I can’t help to think that right now, the pain is tripling .. So I feel for you Henrik. It’ll happen one of these days.
  • Bobby Ryan’s goal was so sick that I can’t even describe what type of sickness it is. It stinks Ducks lost but the goal is a winner. ‘Nuff said.
  • I’m picking Sharks. I said I cheer for individuals. My Sharks individual is Todd McLellan.

Ok. That’s it for now. I am beyond excited (again) for Habs/Bruins tonight. Don’t ask why. Just accept.

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